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Let's build out your Big Ideas... and turn those DREAMS into reality. 

My favorite people are the BIG DREAMERS.  They have big vision, big purpose and a lot of excitement about their next big thing.  We work together because we are a perfect match in that regard.  Often for my clients, well, all that inspiration and creativity can get overwhelming and usually a bump in the road has shown up.  Might be an insecurity about the product they are creating, the brand they are building, or their ability to succeed with their venture.  All normal entrepreneural stuff.  My favorite place to play is right in that space where there is some wiggle room between doubt, clear purpose, and some confusion on just what exactly the actionable steps are going to be to make this goal happen.  This is where the magic always happens and where the most incredible transformation begins.  There is an unmistakable flow of energy in success that occurs when blocks disappear, and what is needed to achieve your goals seems to magically present itself at just the right time.   Manifesting is my secret gift and has allowed me to live a life of great prosperity in every way. 

About Gwen

Certified Canfield Success Coach and Consultant, Gwen  is a mother of three beautiful daughters, a successful entrepreneur, product marketer, author, speaker, trainer, and coach with a deep commitment to family, community and supporting the success of women collaborating with other women rather than competing with them.

Gwen speaks with a “compassion of truth,” and an intuitive clarity.. Gwen has a unique and inspiring personal story to tell of what it takes to succeed when opportunity is not handed to you. Gwen is the author of Pillars of Success and and upcoming Life Lessons of Success, due out in November.  Gwen’s is an expert on the transformative power of practicing gratitude to create resiliency by literally changing the neuroplasticity of the brain and the way we think.  This allows the mind to turn pain into a pathway of possibility and success.  Her greatest belief is that love and real connection are what is desperately needed to transform the dream killing anxiety, depression, numbness, disconnect and dissociation that is epidemic in today’s world of overwhelming technology and de-humanizing social media influences. Gwen is dedicated to use her experience and expertise  to be of service to help other women achieve their goals, build their businesses and brands, and identify and remove what is blocking then from the success and happiness they deserve. 

Gwen is a certified Canfield Transformational Trainer, Values-Based Leadership Coach and Health Coach, and advocates for the success, health and safety of women, children and families.  Gwen holds a B.A. from Purdue University and an M.Ed. in Counseling and Human Services from DePaul University. .

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"Individual Strategy Sessions create super quick clarity on vision, purpose, and effectively identify blocks to success that exist currently.  It is a massively effective  in creating desired change in Health, Wealth and Happiness."